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Decorative Fountains & Diffuser Aeration

Basic Irrigation Services, Inc. offers a wide range of both fountains and aeration products to keep your water oxygenated and elegant. Whether your goal is to add aesthetic value or to improve the overall health of your pond our licensed technicians can build you a custom system to accomplish your goals.

Basic Irrigation is a certified warranty center for Aqua Master Fountains, Otterbine, Airmax, and more!
The work is done by our authorized technicians.


A fountain is a great choice if you want to add a one-of-a-kind feature to your pond. We collaborate with fountain manufacturers to bring you a wide range of products and services that can last you for years to come.

You will you enjoy a tranquil appearance while our products and services provide optimal circulation to improve the health of your pond.

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of a decorative fountain in their pond. We recommend a fountain or a diffused air system for all ponds to improve health and achieve maximum oxygenation.

Diffused Air Systems

Adding a diffusion system to your pond is great for those who want the full benefits of a fountain without the above water aesthetic. Diffuser systems are better suited for ponds more prone to sludge and algae growth since they work from beneath the surface to break up stagnant water. Our team can design a unique system to your pond’s size for optimal aeration.

Basic Irrigation Services & Fountains

When you choose Basic Irrigation for your fountain and aeration needs you can expect nothing less than high quality service. We make maintaining your fountain and pond’s health a breeze since we take care of you every step of the way.

Sales & Installation

Not sure whether fountains or aerators are better for you? Our experienced service team will work together with you to decide what you want to accomplish. Then, we make it happen!


Year-Round Service & Winterization

Here in Illinois, winter can be a serious concern for your fountain. Don’t worry, though – we can help! As Chicagoland natives, we know the ins and outs of our climate. Our team is ready to remove and service your fountain and diffuser systems so they are ready to come back full force in the following spring. Included in our winterization:

· Fountain removal

· Transportaion and heated storage

· Power washing

· Full comprehensive inspections including:

· Seal and oil services

· Bearings

· Meg and hipot testing

Maintenance & Repair

Every fountain and diffuser system needs routine maintenance. We keep your system up-to-date, running at peak performance by inspecting and scheduling maintenance when you need it. Whether it be part of our winterization services or your fountain fails mid-season. Our team is trained and equipped to perform any and all warranty and non-warranty repairs to get you back up and running as quick as possible.

How Aeration Works

Not sure why your pond needs aeration? If you’ve ever stepped into a body of water and felt that unsettling sludge under your feet, you’re probably stepping into a non-aerated pond. Most natural ponds aren’t artificially oxygenated, so sludge starts to form on every surface under the water. However, preventing that nasty slime isn’t the only benefit!

· Prevents stagnant water

· Reduces nasty odors

· Keeps away mosquitos and other pests

· Slows algae growth

Fountains and aerators accomplish the same result in two different ways. As water droplets shoot into the air, they trap oxygen that gets distributed back into the body of water. On the other hand, aerators can provide surface or underwater oxygen distribution. Underwater aerators carry oxygen bubbles up from underneath, boosting plant and animal life while preserving the habitat.

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