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Basic Irrigation & Commercial Irrigation

If your property has an existing irrigation system you need to look to the trusted professionals at Basic Irrigation Services, Inc. We provide irrigation services for commercial properties and HOAs of all types and sizes!

· Spring turn-on / Winterization

· Troubleshooting electrical issues

· Pump systems

· Adding / Customizing existing systems

· And More

With Basic Irrigation, you get a customized customer experience created to work specifically for you and your property. Our irrigation team is trained to work with you to operate efficiently and effectively to deliver industry leading support. Have an issue that has been plaguing the system for some time? With over 50 years of experience in the industry no problem is out of our scope. With a professionally maintained system, you can achieve a beautiful landscape without hassle. Basic Irrigation is ready to tackle any challenge and adapt to you and your property’s needs.

Why Choose Basic Irrigation?

Large irrigation systems can seem like a daunting task to overcome but Basic Irrigation specializes in serving commercial sites and homeowner associations. With a strict business to business focus you can be sure that here at Basic we understand the wants and needs of our customers. We try to work with each individual property to offer the quickest and most effective solutions to get your system up and running at peak performance. Whether your system hasn’t run well in years to a system that works as it should, we’ll make sure you’re fully satisfied.

The “Why you need commercial irrigation” section can be deleted. We don’t do new installs so I don’t think we need to convince them of why they need us in that sense. We usually pick up clients with existing systems that either need to be rehabbed because of neglect or they want to make additions to adapt to new landscaping or new construction.

Basic Irrigation’s Advantage

The goal for every job we take on is to assess the system and the issues at hand, then bring customer satisfaction.

Right Tool For the Right Job

Basic Irrigation has the equipment and expertise that will make any project a breeze; completed in a timely manner and to the best quality.

Quality Materials

We use only tried and tested, high-quality materials from best suppliers in the industry. Our irrigation products, water pumps, and other components are top-of-the-line!

Personalized Service

No two commercial irrigation systems are alike, so we take a custom approach to each and every job. Whatever you need, we can do it!

Honest Price

Who said excellent service doesn’t come for a fair price? We offer the highest quality of work at a price that is competitive and affordable.

Professional Pond Treatment Services

A pond can add beauty and serenity to any space. But achieving a well-kept pond is anything but hassle-free. With Basic Irrigation Services, Inc. you can rely on a year-round treatment plan that will improve the overall health of your pond while preserving its natural beauty. Our services include:

· Algae Treatment

· Muk / Sediment reduction

· Aquatic Weed Control

· Colorant / Dye application

When it comes to a pond’s delicate ecosystem, the wrong chemicals or treatment plan can spell disaster for animal and plant life alike. By choosing Basic Irrigation, you’re choosing the best tools and techniques to balance that system while preventing excessive growth of undesirable algae and weeds. That means that your pond doesn’t just look clean but it’s ecosystem is designed to stay that way though the changing weather and seasons.

Backflow Installation & Maintenance

We also provide top-of-the-line installation, repairs, and updates to all backflow preventer (RPB) systems.

How We Treat Your Pond

Algae Treatment

Algae blooms are natural and not necessarily bad for your pond. However, when a large bloom takes over, action is needed to prevent killing fish and overwhelming your pond. We use a natural combination of bacteria and enzymes to reduce algae growth and spread. As a result, your pond stays cleaner without disturbing the ecosystem!

Aquatic Weed Control

Many ponds can inevitably become overrun with invasive species that grow and spread quickly. Due to the nature of these species aquatic weeds can be challenging to get rid of. Aquatic weed needs 3 main components to grow; sunlight, nutrients, and warm temperatures. By taking these facts into consideration we build a treatment plan that aims to reduce the catalysts while eliminating the current growth. With the correct identification and treatment plan you can take back the beauty of your aquatic space.

Our Story

At Basic Irrigation, you can expect nothing but the best in every aspect of our business! Between our experienced technicians and top-of-the-line equipment, your pond and lawn stay well-maintained throughout the year. Basic Irrigation is a fully licensed irrigation and fountain contractor. We are family owned and operated since 1991 and have been committed to providing nothing but the best service for the past 30 years. Working with HOAs, commercial builders, and businesses we offer a comprehensive set of services and are able to diagnose and solve any problem you may have. We are an authorized distributer of AquaMaster fountains with factory trained and certified service technicians and sales team. ( not sure if this highlighted area should be in the fountain page some where)

We specialize in all areas of irrigation and aquatic management and look to improve the beauty and function of your space with practical solutions. Basic Irrigation takes your concerns, budget, and schedule into account while we execute each job beyond your expectations. We aim to provide outstanding results that we stand behind every time.

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